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[manga review] Scryed vol 1
sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
Scryed, Book 1Scryed, Book 1 by YASUNARI TODA

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall, a good read. The artwork is nice, but I kind of like the anime art more. The story deviates from the anime in places as well, leading to cases where the story is drastically different. However, (something that's good for me) there is more Ryuhou, who I find to be an intriguing character, though I can't say I have a character I dislike. Whereas the anime tended to focus just a little more on Kazuma, the manga has a more even balance between HOLY and Kazuma and co.

Whereas a lot of manga can be read as a substitute or a companion to an anime series, Scryed is one of those cases where the manga and anime differ so much, both in storyline and even characters, that at first it's a little jarring and something that needs to be gotten used to. I would recommend reading the manga first, mostly because it's only five volumes long (the anime is 25 episodes at a half hour each).

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sci-fi manga. The plot and the whole thing about Alters? Interesting in and of itself, enough to explore through this manga.


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