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[meta] Because I will never stop metaing about Archanea
sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
One thing I neglected to mention in my Archanea headcanon meta--because I have a lot of meta for this game; half of what I wrote? Not even the tip of the iceberg--was that I think Marcellus and Unnamed Brother are twins. (And before you go, "OH WHO THE HELL THINKS THAT? YOU'RE CRAZY!", I suggest you read this and then come back.)

"But Jayden," you cry, "there's no canon basis for this!"

Well, no, but if you look at things from a certain angle, it's easy to see it. See, in any other circumstances, they'd be unimportant people and no one would've given a damn about them had their awesome brother not killed some evil dragon guy and end up becoming king of some islands. And while there'd probably be some sibling rivalry between all three of them--I always pictured Anri being the oldest, then Marcellus and finally Nameless over there being dead last. Anri liked to be by himself somewhere exploring, in my mind, whereas Marcellus and Nameless didn't really get along and bickered. However, they always desired the other's company.

Yes, this happens. It happened with my brothers all the damn time.

But then suddenly Anri is king, and childless and probably brooding somewhere over the One Who Got Away and wow I just made Anri sound really angsty and a lot like that great-great nephew of his.

(That would be Marth in case you forgot.)

So who gets it next? Well, traditionally, his brother would get it. But he has two, so the oldest would get it. Which would be Marcellus.

This is where the "they're twins" thing comes in, because this means Marcellus only got to be next in line due to the fact that he came into the world minutes before Nameless did. So it was all an accident. What the hell did Marcellus do to become the next King of Altea? Nothing. Since we don't really hear much about dear ol' Marcellus, we can only assume his reign produced nothing of note except Prince Marius (Marth's grandfather). So when Anri kicked it, Marcellus got Altea, and Nameless got nothing.

Because he was born three minutes too late.

And he was going to put up a fight, because hey, he's Anri the Great's brother too, dammit! He should get something. And you know what solves things?


So maybe there was a civil skirmish of sorts, which could be the origin of Gra's hatred and jealousy towards Altea, and to put an end to it, Marcellus sighed and said, "Fine, here, have this tiny island and do whatever you want with it."

The reason Marcellus's younger brother there is "nameless" is because he's that brother no one likes to mention. I'm sure everyone has a relative they only refer to as That Uncle or The Aunt from Hell or some such. To the point where you don't know their name, just that they're the uncle that likes to go without trousers on Christmas eve after too much eggnog and a lot of karaoke sung during a marathon of A Christmas Story.

In short he's just handwaved away because no1curr.

Otherwise Altea splitting into Altea and Gra wouldn't make sense if Nameless was a couple of years younger than Marcellus, although I'm sure Nameless would still be bitter as hell, but understanding. Them being twins makes everything more complicated because, well, who gets to rule? Marcellus, because he just happened to come out first? Well screw that, I'm going to fight it!

The whole "Nameless hated Marcellus out of jealousy" thing I do believe is hinted at or mentioned by Jiol, wherein there is that similar parallel with him and Cornelius. Cornelius there gets Falchion and what does Jiol get? Nothing. Why does he get holy weapons just because he's related to Anri? So's he! All because Marcellus and Asshole With No Name couldn't get along! So what does Jiol do? He plots to kill everyone.

Well no one said it had to work, I'm sure he thought it was a great idea at the time. Never mind all he had to do was, uh, take Falchion. He should be able to use it just as much as Cornelius because they're related and why did no one think of this before?

Well there are other factors at work, such as the gods there not feeling either of them are worthy of Falchion, so they entrust it to a fourteen year old boy who just had both parents die and his sister kidnapped and his kingdom destroyed.

(Well he's sixteen-seventeen when he actually gets Falchion but work with me here.)

So Nameless's feud with Marcellus apparently went through the ages between the various rulers of Altea and Gra until Gra had a princess named Sheema go, "FUCK THIS NOISE," and surrender Gra back over to Altea, because she thought Marth was perfectly capable and I do believe she even says something like "it wasn't really [hers] to begin with". And she and Marth got along okay and whatever. And then she ran off with Samson, which pretty much gives Anri and Artemis the finger, and they live happily ever after.


"Oh Jayden, haven't you meta'd everything there ever was about Marth?"

No. This meta was inspired by mark_asphodel's Anri meta, specifically this part of it:
Anri just strikes me as a pretty closed-off individual; he walks alone, fights alone, and (in the romantic sense) dies alone. All in all, a very different sort from his great-great-nephew, who is all about team-building and unity and "we're all in this together."

Now maybe I am just misremembering things because it's been awhile, or my brain is screwed up because I've been listening to 2NE1 for the last twenty-four hours and can't help but go, "Hey, some Korean sounds like Japanese!", but there seem to be some villagers ('some' being pretty much all of Altea) who believe that Marth is the Second Coming of Anri because...well. He can wield Falchion! (But so could his father and Uncle Jiol there.) And he has blue hair! ( does his father, possibly mother, and his sister, because, well, blue hair is very dominant in his family.) And their diadems are the same! (Because royal headgear tends to be, you know, heirlooms.)

Okay so basically Marth is the Second Coming of Anri because he can wield a will-sucking sword that kills dragons and he looks a lot like Anri, which genetics tells us isn't weird at all. Sometimes looks can skip generations.

I feel they think this way because, well, they only think of Anri as a hero, in which case, yes, Marth could be the reincarnation of Anri or whatever the hell you want to call it. I'm sure Marth resents being compared to some guy who's been dead for a few generations and probably thinks I'm not Anri, dammit! (or perhaps he doesn't, who the hell knows). Maybe he doesn't.

POINT IS, Marth is constantly compared to Anri. However, if you read the quoted part from Mark's meta on Anri, Marth is completely different from his ancestor. As I mentioned, I always pictured Anri off by himself because his brothers wouldn't stop bickering and so he liked solitude. He traveled the fucking desert by himself (according to FE3 Book 2 he is the only human to have survived, so as Mark hypothesises, his comrades either didn't make it, or Anri was just that impulsive, or hell, crazy). He killed Medeus (assumedly) by himself.

Marth, meanwhile, is all about covering each other's behinds so no one dies, because death makes Marth weep (at least that's what FE12 made it sound like) because this could've ALL BEEN AVOIDED if Gharnef wasn't such a magnificent asshole. Marth even says he couldn't have done it without his comrades behind him (when he's going to retake Altea), and he tells Caeda, albeit in his really awkward way, that he couldn't have done it without her being there with him--and probably not just for the First War, but during his exile as well.

Marth doesn't run across deserts to prove himself to some stupid princess. He didn't have to do anything to impress Caeda (though he certainly impressed her by actually coming out and saying what was on his mind for once, and basically saying, "Screw you," to Nyna, although she basically screwed herself, but that's a topic for another entry), like, uh, kill dragons or anything.

So basically, Marth and Anri might be related, and they might look alike, but they're different individuals and Altea's citizens probably only see what's on the surface.


Another thing I wanted to touch upon (and probably expand upon) from Mark's Anri meta was the whole thing between Anri and Artemis sounds very, very familiar in two ways, and they involve two princesses and a prince.

Firstly, from what FE3 Book 2 tells us, Pales was taken over and everyone killed except for Princess Artemis. Which sounds like what happened to Princess Nyna. BTW, Artemis is Nyna's ancestor. (To quote Princess Zelda from "Spirit Tracks": "I suppose I'm supposed to get kidnapped. I hear it's a family trait.") She's really in love with Cartas (who eventually became king), who she gave the Fire Emblem to. Hell, she might've fallen for Anri, but whoops, that whole Fire Emblem business.

Never mind the Fire Emblem is pretty damn shady in and of itself, being "cursed"...

So Artemis goes into hiding/exile because hey, she likes her head right where it is, thank you. Remember that, at this point, Altea is just some town in the middle of fuckville. Threats happen, the citizens say FUCK YOU to the dragons, Medeus is pwned by a cool sword

Does this sound familiar?

Intelligent Systems likes to draw parallels in the Archanea games it seems, because Artemis's family being killed off parallels Nyna's situation, and her running away from home to escape certain death parallels, well, Marth.

Of course, Marth also got the girl in the end, but despite this, his relationship with Caeda doesn't directly parallel Anri and Artemis'. You want that to turn out all right in the end? You turn to Samson and Sheema.



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