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sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
Just thought of this idea whilst organising my own binders of fanfiction.

"Binders of fanfiction? You keep all of your fanfiction in binders?"

Well, no, though I do have hard copies of my fanfiction because I like print copies of things. Which is why I do not own an e-reader.

I have hard copies of other people's fanfiction.

"...Why the heck would you want hardcopies of fanfiction?"

Despite websites like Wayback Machine, there are websites like that don't allow the aforementioned to archive its pages. So if an author decides to quit fandom and delete their fics and don't have them archived elsewhere, well, what the hell do you do if you loved something and want to reread it?

Basically, I save other people's fics in case they get deleted. Then I don't have to get all emo when I want to reread them and get 404 errors instead.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this practise because, well, you have a copy of someone's fic. They don't know. You could easily hand it out to whomever you wanted and the original author wouldn't know. You could easily post it to preserve it if they happen to leave fandom forever for whatever reason. Let it be known that I do not support whatever projects are springing up about "protecting fanfiction for posterity's sake" or whatever. Basically, a community wherein you post deleted works without consent of the original author so others can find them. I don't save them for that purpose. If you want a fic and I have a copy and you'd like to read it, well, you should've saved your own.

Quite a few people save fics for the purposes of rereading them in case they get deleted or moved elsewhere because nostalgia is a strong feeling.

"So how far do these...archives go back?"

I have fics from the early 2000's. From Zelda fandom, back when I was hugely involved. From back when I lurked in Smash Brothers fandom in late 2002 and early 2003. I have a copy still of the first Marth/Roy fic I ever read ("Momentum"). I only bother doing this if I really like or enjoy a fic and don't want to lose it. I keep them in binders sorted by fandom.

I don't think it's weird to save a fic you enjoy so you can continue to do so after it gets deleted (if it ever does). I mean I don't review and say BTW I SAVED A COPY OF YOUR FIC/PRINTED OUT A COPY OF YOUR FIC SO I CAN HAVE IT ALWAYS I mean that sounds creepy. Especially since, if I really enjoy an author, I might have a decent chunk of their fanfiction saved for future enjoyment.

"Do you have an archive of your own fics?"

I do. Unfortunately. Most of it's incomplete though. The only complete series I have in hard copy is Melee Academy, and that's because I'm in the process of rewriting most of it.

"Can you tell me what fandoms you saved fics for?"
Fandoms I have in hard copy: Zelda, Fire Emblem (6 and 7), bandom RPS, Smash Brothers (Melee and Brawl), Weiss Kreuz
Fandoms I have on my thumbdrive: Fire Emblem (6, 7, and 1/3/11/12), Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Smash Brothers (Melee and Brawl), misc. other fics

So yeah. I don't know who on my flist does this (if anyone does), but I do it. I don't do it for nefarious purposes, I do it because I love a fic to the point where I'd be really sad if it disappeared.

Anyone else do this?


I also have a thing for game scripts. I have two for FE11 and they're both the same script, for example. I had to print another one because the first one has no more room for me to write in the margins or anything anymore. Yes, I take notes and make note of things, insert headcanon into the margins, highlight and underline things, etc. etc. Especially for FE11. That's just what I have on the scripts--there's plenty of headcanon stuff that's in my notebook specially reserved for headcanon and the like (plus research done for fanfiction).

Sure, I could just keep a Word doc or something, but it's not the same.

Now for FE11 I just have a map with a list of places (and what chapters these countries appear in), the game scripts, a walkthrough, a list of characters, and miscellaneous other crap that has to do with FE11 that IS gives us. Like timelines.

All of my Fire Emblem game scripts fit into a standard 1 1/2" binder except for FE6, which takes up a four inch binder. It's got the 256 page game script, plus all of the supports, plus a walkthrough, plus a list of weapons/tomes/etc. and what they do, plus a map. And it had more crap, but I put all the headcanon things in my headcanon book/binder.

"What do you need a game script for? Just play the game!"
If I had to play FE11 every time I wanted to check something, or write a fic, or write meta, I think I would kill myself. From boredom. From having to replay it again for the five millionth time. If I need to look up something Marth said because I am writing a Marth meta, I'm going to look it up on my game script. I made a list of what occurs in each chapter that's important and anything noteworthy that's said. I did this with my Weiss Kreuz scripts too. This way I can look it up easier.

...There is a reason why I have FE11's game script memorised, and that's because I've referenced it many, many, many times. It's the only FE I've ever memorised. It's the only game I've memorised. My brother has Castlevania Symphony of the Night and the first three Resident Evils memorised; I have FE11. Because, you know, I write a lot of meta for it. I write fic for it. I have discussions over it. I find something new every time.

It's kind of like how I've watched Weiss Kreuz so many times I have half of Schuldig's lines memorised.

...Anyone else like game scripts?

Fire Emblem's not the only games I have game scripts for. I have scripts for the first four Resident Evils (1, 2, 3, and 4) plus Umbrella Chronicles. I might have Code Veronica's too. I don't have the REmake's or anything after UC. And I have all of Chrono Cross's, which spans two binders (two huge binders) because it's over a thousand pages long. And I have both Castlevania Sorrow games' scripts.

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I used to print out my favorite Pokemon fanfics ALL THE DAMN TIME. XD The only reason I got rid of the printouts was because they were taking up space and my family was trying to get rid of as much junk as possible before we moved. XD; Though in retrospect I could've just put it all in binders.

(Deleted comment)
Chrono Cross is only my favourite game ever.

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