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sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
Ganked from everyone on my flist, pretty much.

Meme is thus:
1.) Give me a pairing (does not need to be romantic)
2.) Give me an AU setting.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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(Deleted comment)
"Are you sure you want to see this movie?" Merric asked as Marth passed a few bills under the opening in the ticket window. He leaned against the ticket booth, slightly amused look on his face.

"Why wouldn't I?" He grabbed the tickets that the ticket vendor slid to him and collected his change.
"Marth," Merric said, sliding an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders, pulling him close. Marth blushed.
"Marth, honey, we're going to see Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 5."
"But the movie critics said it was great, but not as great as Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 7.6! Besides, another review said it was a great romantic comedy." He pouted.
Merric couldn't help but crack a smile at that. "Hey, you're paying for it. If that's what you want to watch, then that's what we'll watch."

They went through the queue to the concessions stand, where they got the largest popcorn, the largest soda, and Merric got a buttload of candy.
"Besides, it's not like we'll be paying much attention to the movie anyway..."

The way Merric touched Marth's hand send shivers up and down his spine as they received their ticket stubs and entered the theatre.

(Deleted comment)
I've been requesting Greek myths from everyone, so.

Marth/Caeda, the story of Icarus. :D

I will have to brush up on my Greek mythology and then get back to you on that one. XD

Is it bad that I thought of Kid Icarus at first? XDD


Also, I don't know if you saw, but: request one~~~~~~~~

Miaka + Keisuke, ride home from school on a snow day

"Onii-chan, look at all the snow!"
Keisuke couldn't help but chuckle as Miaka nearly slipped on a patch of ice and into what amounted to a snow dune. It was the worst blizzard Japan had ever seen, and school was canceled for the next couple of days whilst the government answered the question where do we put all of this snow?

Until then, Miaka was going to enjoy it.
"Get in the car before you hurt yourself; Tetsuya and Yui are already inside."
Miaka pouted. "But the snow--"
"Miaka!" called Yui. "If you don't get in the car, I won't make you my famous miso stew!"
At hearing food might be pulled from her grasp, she left Keisuke behind in a cloud of kicked up snow and jetted it to the car.

"Where's Taka-san?"
Miaka peered into the distance at the front entrance of the school and saw Taka struggling through the snow before tripping.
"You would never know he used to be Tamahome," Yui said with a sigh.
"I know he's Tamahome," Miaka said, and the way she chuckled made Yui elbow her in the ribs.
"I didn't need to hear that."
"Taka! Hurry up! We can't keep Yui-chan's famous miso stew waiting!"

Keisuke sighed and shook his head and Taka 'swam' across the sea of snow to the car.
"I hate snow."
"Do they even have snow in China?"
Taka shrugged. "I'm not Chinese anymore, remember? How should I know?"
Taka jumped up, wet from melted snow. "I'm coming, Miaka!"
"That's what he said last night, I bet," said Tetsuya, which earned him a kick in the shins from Yui and a smack upside the head from Miaka. Taka, luckily, heard nothing as he climbed into the back seat of the car.

<33333 That is TOO CUTE! Thank you!

<3333333 I'm glad you liked it!

I was amused by how much of a pervert Tetsuya is in this fic and how oblivious Taka is to it. XDD

(Deleted comment)
"Look at that freaky kid!"
"He looks like he could beat you up, Nezumi!"
"I'd like to see him try!"
Soma kept his head down and the collar of his jacket up as he tried to ignore the jeering of his classmates. It wasn't his fault his parents made him do the exchange student programme--to Japan of all places!--or that he had pale hair and eyes amidst a sea of dark hair and darker eyes.
"Why don't you kids pick on someone your own size instead of terrorising others?"

The three kids looked up a few feet and saw Mr. Tepes staring down at them, his amber eyes seemingly gazing down into their souls.
"Quick, let's get out of here!"
"I think I just peed my pants!"

Soma blinked in confusion at the blond haired teacher, who smiled softly at him, making Soma blush.
"There is nothing wrong with being different, Soma." He sounded like he meant it.


"I can understand passing me off as an exchange student," Soma said as Alucard gave his British secondary school uniform a once over to make sure everything was absolute perfection. "But you?"
Alucard looked wounded. "You insult me, Soma."
"You look older than a secondary student. You look like you belong in university."
Alucard pushed his fake spectacles back up his nose. "Which is why you're the secondary student and I am the university student."

Soma stared then.
"...Do they even have exchange students?"
Alucard thought for a moment.
"I am actually not sure, but it doesn't matter."
Soma pulled at his collar. "I hate being the new kid. Everyone always remarks on how 'different' I am."
Alucard kissed Soma, eyes lingering on that pale neck of his for a moment before forcibly pulling away.
"There is nothing wrong with being different, Soma. Nothing wrong with it at all."

(Deleted comment)
Alucard in glasses plus a low ponytail = instant sexy. Plus a school uniform.


why has Soma not fucked Alucard hard against the wall yet


(Deleted comment)

I just posted a prompt for you. Because I'm evil.

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