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[write up/review] "All That Weiss"
Hold on tight
sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
Title: オールザットヴァイス (All That Weiß), A collection of all Weiß stories, for all Weiß fans
Publisher: ムービック (MOVIC)
ISBN-10: 4896014758
ISBN-13: 978-4896014754
Release Date: May 2000
Pages: Around 96; there are no page numbers that I can find >.>
Language(s): Though some things are in English, the book itself is in Japanese.
Book type: Soft cover with a dust jacket a la the 20th Anniversary Fire Emblem Artbook; high quality glossy paper, which makes for difficult picture taking

What is it?
All That Weiss is basically an information book containing all sorts of information for the anime Weiss Kreuz, like profiles for Weiss, summaries of drama CDs, episode summaries, etc. etc.

So it's basically like Akaneia Chronicle. Or even the 20th anniversary Fire Emblem artbook, except with less pictures and more text and information.

Why would you want this? Because I am a geek and Weiss Kreuz is possibly my favourite anime at this point. It's super rare, even in Japan. It has Yohji. ...It even has like, a few pictures of Schwarz. Why would you, hypothetical reader, want this? Because you are like me: a Weiss Kreuz geek who likes super rare merchandise for it.

Where to find it: I got mine from eBay, specifically from this seller, who I've bought other things from and have been satisfied. I've seen it on Amazon Japan, but I don't know if any of the sellers sell internationally or not. Your best bet would probably be eBay.

The dust jacket cover. If I remember correctly, All That Weiss focuses mostly on Kapitel, and thus those are the designs that are used.

Back of the dust jacket.

The actual book cover.

Inside of the dust jacket.

First page of the book.

I do believe that is all of the Weiss merchandise available (at the time of the book being published). Notice I said Weiss. Aside from Ja! Weiss, which also features Schwarz, there is no Schwarz merch anywhere. Sad Jayden is sad.

The book itself actually opens up with all the stuff that happens in the first OAV, Verbrechen. Chronologically--and I am not even going to touch the mess that is the Weiss Kreuz timeline--the OAVs take place in between Kapitel and Gluhen, so opening with them is kind of a strange choice, but I didn't put the book together--blame MOVIC.

Strafe is the last of the OAVs, and I took a picture of the ending because I have a Schwarz bias you can't see due to the horrid image quality my iPod gives out. (Where is my camera, you ask? It has a dead battery and I am lazy.)

And then after a rather emo picture of Weiss, begin the character profiles. For Weiss, of course. The book is called All About Weiss after all.

We start with Aya:

yeah that's in English and written on the pic, but you can't really see it. And then on the opposite page is a photo montage of Aya, with a Japanese quote and the English below it. In this case, it's Aya being emo: I don't deserve to be loved by anyone, which is what he tells Sakura.

Here is all you ever wanted to know about Aya, and I will attempt to translate it:
Codename: Abyssinian
Real name: Fujimiya Ran
Age: Twenty
Height: 178cm (roughly 5'10")
Blood type: A -- oh hey, Aya and I have the same blood type!
Birthday: July 4th -- yes, that would be Independence Day for the Americans
Weapon: Katana (Shion)
Image flower: Rose -- because a rose is thorny and beautiful, just like Aya!
Hobbies: I do believe that is the kanji for dokusha (I think that's the word), which is basically "reading". Aya likes books. I don't think I've ever seen him read anything in all the episodes of Weiss Kreuz.
Favourite thing: Gold/money -- no doubt he likes money because then he can pay for his sister's medical expenses.
Pet peeves: I have no idea what this says, but I can only guess from the kanji that he probably hates weaklings.

There's a blurb on Aya's personality, but don't ask me what it says. It's one of those cases where I can read the words, but I don't know what they mean.

Character sketches and another angsty quote. Think Aya needs to see a doctor...

Then after him is Ken, whose profile I have no pics of, but will translate anyway:
Codename: Siberian
Real name: Hidaka Ken
Age: 18~19
Height: 175cm (roughly 5'8")
Blood type: B
Birthday: December 23rd
Weapon: translated directly: bakunaku. Bugnuks, aka Tiger Claws. They make him look like Wolverine.
Image flower: Rindou, which is...a gentian I think.
Hobbies: Soccer. As in, the ball game you play with your feet (football in Europe)
Favourite thing: Soccer and children
Pet peeves: No clue.

And because I have a Yohji bias:

Codename: Balinese
Real name: Kudoh Yohji/Kudou Youji, depending on what romanisation system you prefer (using Yohji because that's what the book uses)
Age: 21~22
Height: 182cm (roughly 5'11")
Blood type: AB
Birthday: March 3rd. I think fandom keeps saying March 5th and I don't know why. Probably something else somewhere contradicts this, because this is Weiss Kreuz.
Weapon: Listed here as just "Waiyaa" (wire), he uses a Garrote, which is basically a fancy way of saying he likes strangling people using piano wire he shoots from his watch (technically, a garrote is anything you strangle someone with).
Image flower: Cattleya, which is a type of orchid apparently
Hobbies: 'Nanpa' translates to someone who likes to chase women or flirt, so basically Yohji's pasttime is chasing skirts (women).
Favourite thing: Women
Pet peeves: Men.

...this is why he gets paired with Aya, Ken, Omi, and Schuldig? o_O

Character design sketches~ plus a true to Yohji quote.

Then there's Omi:
Codename: Bombay
Real name: Tsukiyono Omi
Age: 17
Height: 163cm (around 5'4")
Blood type: O
Birthday: February 29th
Weapon: crossbow, bow and arrow, darts
Image flower: Freesia
Hobbies: web surfing
Favourite thing: I am going to translate this as referring to Momoe-san

Then it goes into summaries and stuff about the drama CDs. Maybe summaries is a bad word to use. It tells you what happens in it, but not really...summarising.
I took a picture of Holy Children because Crawford and Nagi are in it :P

Then there's stuff about the first season--Kapitel--which is divided into "acts". First act is basically the Takatori arc, and the second one is the Eszett arc.


I have a Schwarz bias and you guys all know that.

Then it goes into more detail with the remaining drama CDs. And after that is a thing about Koyasu:
wherein he babbles about Weiss Kreuz.

Then there's some data stuff, like a list of episodes, drama CDs, and OAVs. Gluhen wasn't made yet so that stuff isn't in here.

Here is a timeline of events. It goes on for just that page lol.

Relationship chart. Who knows who, who's related to who, who bumped into who, who works for who... All that stuff. I'll translate this at some point.

There's a map of Japan that details what went down where, in case anyone cared.

Then there are character backstory blurbs!

You can bet your ass I'll be translating the Schwarz ones. :P

And then there's a glossary of sorts.

And then it ends with a list of staff and cast members.

...pictured is the page Midorikawa's name is on. You knew that was going to happen.

Last page!

Back cover.


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