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[requests] Christmas Fic Request Post
sailorvfan10 wrote in kirakiraunmei
~Christmas Fic Request Post~
2011 version!

What is it?
As a way to do something nice for my fandom friends and keep up with the Christmas spirit, I open up a request post for Christmas fics to be used as presents for, well, you guys. Because who doesn't like having fic written for them?

How It Works
You can request anything providing I'm familiar with the material, and I'll attempt to write it before or on Christmas. This gives you a little more than a month to give me a request and for me to write it. It can be a pairing, a character... A scene. What have you. You have a choice with everything except word count. How long it is is determined by me.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows what fandoms I [used to] write for--you can find them on my page or just by browsing the tags on sailorvfan10 (or even at deardisclaimer). I'm pretty sure that those of you who follow my LJ also know what fandoms I currently write for, and what series I'm familiar with. For example, though I don't write for Slayers, I could write fic for it if you requested it.

So! Instead of me listing my fandoms and all that other shit and having it be all about me, why not give me a top five fandom list and what you would like to see in the fandom. For example, you put Gundam Wing my example for everything and for what you'd like to see, you put, "Story about Relena finding a stray kitten and taking it home and Heero is not pleased because it could be a spy." The suggestions can be crack or they could be serious, etc. you should know I write anything and everything. I wrote Zephiel/Roy crack ffs.

Give me five fandoms, any five fandoms, that you write for or have written for or lurk in or whatever that I am familiar with. Hell, they could be five of my fandoms. Just give me five fandoms (but this would be better if you chose fandoms that you like--see, this is the point of this exercise) and five things you'd like to see, one for each or five for each, doesn't matter. Be as vague or specific as you like, but don't give me an entire outline. Can be AU or canon compliant, have smut or none, be introspective, etc. etc. etc. just mention that. (If it's going to be canon-compliant, please tell me the timeline you'd like. Using Weiss Kreuz as an example, Person A might want a fic that's set five minutes before episode one of Kapitel where Michiru and her boyfriend are coming home from a study date. Or, using Fire Emblem 7 as an example, a fic set five minutes before the first chapter of Lyn's story about her sleeping under the stars.)

This way you get something that you will enjoy as a Christmas present. :D You are essentially giving me your wishlist and I am picking your gift from it.

So the format for your comment, if you choose to format it for my OCDish mind or ease of reading, would be like this:
1) Fandom 1
* story idea/what fic you'd like to see written here
* add up to four more if that's what you'd like to do
2) Fandom 2
* story idea
3) Fandom 3
etc, etc.

Example #1:
1) Resident Evil
* Chris/Wesker. Wesker uses handcuffs on Chris in the STARS office and then promptly leaves him to be discovered by whomever. Chris is not pleased.
* Chris/Wesker. Tentacles. That is all.

Example #2:
1) Fushigi Yuugi
* Taka/Miaka. Taka decided to try to bake a cake. Miaka gets covered in frosting. Sex on a counter. Oh, and the cake tasted fine. :D
2) Fire Emblem 7
* Modern day AU. Hector hates shoveling snow. Lyndis starts a snowball fight. Hector finds out that shovels make excellent shields in snowball fights, and also for dumping large amounts of snow on unsuspecting Sacaean females...
* Alexis and Kristy's first Christmas together.

Some Restrictions May Apply
I write everything--gen, slash, het, genderbend, kink, etc. etc. Granted there are some kinks that I do not write, so don't request anything having to do with bodily fluids (like scat and watersports). Aside from that, make it as kinky or vanilla as you want :D Feel free to get me out of my comfort zone and ask me to write outside of my normal pairings. There are few pairings I actively refuse to write, and anyone who knows me knows which ones I don't like. If in doubt, give alternate suggestions or just ask.

Void Where Prohibited
Requesting ends 14 December. Requesting has been extended to the 21st of December.

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1) Fushigi Yuugi
*Taka/Miaka. They were supposed to be decorating the house for Christmas, but sex ensued.

*Kristy/Alexis, mistletoe and kisses.
*Delilah/Meron, him trying to find her the perfect gift and flailing about it.

3) Fire Emblem 6
*Roy and Wolt friendshippy Christmas fluff

4) Pokemon
*Silver and Lance arguing over a tree. Kisses ensue. (YOU KNEW I WAS GOING TO TOSS THIS PAIRING UP HERE ADMIT IT XD)

Edited at 2011-11-19 04:55 pm (UTC)

1.) Resident Evil
*Chris/Wesker. Alt ending to RE5. Wesker takes Chris away
*Ada/Leon. It snows again.
*Chris/Jill/Wesker. This will never be normal.

2.)Fire Emblem 7
*Serra needs to stay off the 'nog.
*Karla/Bartre. Because no one loves them!

1) Weiss Kreuz:
- Crawford/Schuldig, being "stranded" in an airport or a bus terminal due to the snow. Sex in a secluded place there could happen or not.

2) Fire Emblem 6 - 7:
- Lilina writing a letter to Roy since she can't spend Christmas with him but she's looking forward to meeting him in New Years.

3) PREF:
- Julie befriending the twins during Christmas.

So, I'm deplorably late so feel free to ignore this, but... I finally got up my ass to think of a prompt though I kind of feel like since the Five Days of Schwarz is already answering to my Christmas-y Schwarz-y dreams, I don't have a claim on this one... just one prompt though, should you feel so inclined.

Weiss Kreuz
Crawford/Schuldig - "Long time, no see." Happy reunion after a lengthy separation.

And either way -- merry Christmas! Hopefully it's not too much of a bother that I'm commenting here on LJ now.

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