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[Fandom meta] "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself."
This has been articulated a lot better by others, I'm sure, but I just wanted to add my piece.

If you want more Roy/Lilina fic, you have to write it yourself.Collapse )

tl;dr If you want more of something in fandom, you need to do more than just sit there and whine on the internet about how there is NO MARTH/CATRIA. You need to open up your word processor of choice and write it. The only way you can influence fandom is by actually trying to influence it.

Basically, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk instead of doing all this talking and no walking.

[lists] Books I've Read in 2011

Books I've Read in 2011
1.) Blood Promise [Vampire Academy], Richelle Mead
2.) Wicked Witch
3.) Shadowland [Immortals series #3], Alyson Noel
4.) Victorian Ghost Stories
5.) Radiance [Riley Bloom series], Alyson Noel
6.) Eats, Shoots & Leaves
7.) Brave New World


[book meta] "The Catcher in the Rye"
So from the dregs of my flash drive, I still have all the essays I've written in high school, and my junior year we read Catcher in the Rye, which in case you didn't know, is my favourite book. I had to answer questions based off of it, and they ended up being meta-y, so I decided to post in the event someone actually cares. The symbolism behind what 'catcher in the rye' is fascinates me, and I wrote a separate essay on it, but I handwrote that so I will have to dig through and find it.

But here's the one I wrote wherein I sort of psychoanalyse Holden Caulfield.

Holden doesn't want kids like Phoebe to grow up before they're ready to fall from the rye field.Collapse )

[translation] Fire Emblem 20th Anniversary Artbook - Archanea "If" boxes

[Note: These are just very quick translations--more thorough, word-by-word translations will be done at a later date. These are just so you can get the gist of things.]

Frey: In Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken's Normal mode only. In Normal Mode, Marth must choose one character to use as a sacrifice. In Hard Mode, you can't get Frey because you don't meet him at all. [ed. note: This is because Frey only appears in the Prologue chapters, and Hard mode skips those completely, starting at Chapter One.]

What that means: basically you can only recruit Frey in FE11's Normal mode, and he is the canonical sacrifice, being that, you know, he doesn't appear in Hard mode (which I guess would be your 'canonical' FE mode?), but everyone else is accounted for.

Norne: In FE11's Normal Mode, you get her if two of your units die. Douga [Draug] befriended her and she joins your party. There might be hints of a romance between the two of them. (I am not sure of this line, so I will go back later, but that's what I got from it.)

What that means: Norne, like Frey, is only in Normal Mode. And there's something between her and Draug. For someone with only three lines of dialogue, that's pretty awesome.

Aran: Aran is a general from a village in Altea that doesn't like a neighbouring village. because of this, if you recruit Aran, you can't get Samson from that other village.

Samson: You can't have Aran and Samson. Samson has something to do with Gra...

And there you have it~

[translation] Fire Emblem 20th Anniversary Artbook - Fire Emblem History translation

(Found on page 10, for those of you who have the artbook.)

This is the blurb before the actual timeline:
The Fire Emblem series is considered a masterpiece by many. Let's look back on the twenty year history of this Nintendo game.

(Interestingly enough, one of the words is 'kiseki', which, if you know your Japanese Fire Emblem titles, is in FE9's title, Souen no Kiseki. 'Kiseki' means 'path', as in a trail of sorts.)

And now for the timeline, which is actually pretty straightforward even if you can't read much Japanese (or any at all).

Just as a note: I use the Japanese names of the Fire Emblem games, with their English title and number in brackets in case you aren't used to them. If any other Japanese names are mentioned for other things, I just use the localised name because damn if I feel like looking up what the Japanese name of Smash Brothers is. Also, since this is geared towards, you know, Japan, the NES was released in 1983; in the States it came out in 1985. Just so no one is all BUT JAYDEN, THE NES CAME OUT IN THIS YEAR, NOT '83 GOD GO WIKIPEDIA IT.

And though I use the word 'released', the literal translation of 'hatsubai' is 'sale'. I just used 'released' because I felt it fit better.

Fire Emblem History
1980 - Game & Watch is released.
1983 - Famicom [NES] is released.
1986 - Famicom Disc System is released.
1990 - Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi [FE1] is released; Super Famicom [SNES] is released.
1992 - Fire Emblem Gaiden [FE2] is released.
1994 - Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo [FE3] is released.
1995 - Virtual Boy is released and ends in utter failure; Super Famicom Satellaview is released.
1996 - Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu [FE4] is released; Nintendo 64 is released; Game Boy Pocket is released.
1997 - Club Nintendo, apart of Nintendo Power, is launched; Fire Emblem BS Akaneia Wars is released.
1998 - Game Boy Light and Game Boy Color are released.
1999 - Nintendo 64's add-on 64DD launches; Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is in development.
2000 - Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 [FE5] is released.
2001 - Game Boy Advance launchs; Gamecube launches; Marth [FE3] and Roy [FE6, not yet released] appear in Super Smash Brothers Melee.
2002 - Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi [FE6] is released.
2003 - Game Boy Advance SP launches; Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken [FE7/Fire Emblem] is released
2004 - Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki [FE8/Sacred Stones] is released; Nintendo DS launches.
2005 - Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki [FE9/Path of Radiance] is released; Game Boy Micro launches and is the last of the "Game Boy" line.
2006 - Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo Wii launch
2007 - Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami [FE10/Radiant Dawn] is released.
2008 - Marth and Ike make an appearance in Super Smash Brothers Brawl; Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken [FE11/Shadow Dragon] is released; Nintendo DSi launches
2009 - Nintendo DSi XL launches.
2010 - Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo ~ Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu ~ [FE12] is released.

And there you have it. As always, corrections to the translation are welcome, and my translation might not be exactly the same as someone else's because Japanese is a tough language to, you know, interpret.

Upon looking at this timeline, I felt really old because I, uh, remember when some of those consoles and handhelds came out >.>

(no subject)
Fire Emblem 20th Anniversary Artbook Write-Up

Part one can be found here in case you missed it the first time.

Lots of pics under the cut.Collapse )

Should I buy this? Yes.



If you have the money to do so, you should. Regardless of your ability to read Japanese. You can just look at the pretty pictures. Hell, I can read Japanese and I did nothing but stare at the pretty pictures and quickly do a spur-of-the-moment translation for some things. (Small things, mind you.)

How much does this cost? The price fluctuates due to Yen -> USD exchange rates, plus since I got mine from Amazon Japan, the prices aren't set in stone anyway. But mine cost something like 2100something Yen, which is something like ~30 dollars. Then you have to take shipping and processing fees into account--shipping internationally is expensive even with the slowest option available. So expect to pay almost as much for shipping as you did for the book itself. >.>

Where can I buy this? Amazon Japan (, YesAsia (, CD Japan, eBay
Those are just the ones I know of, however. There could be more places I don't know of that sell it. I bought mine from Amazon Japan, others had luck with YesAsia, someone on the flist bought is from CD Japan, and I've seen it on eBay. Amazon Japan, just as a warning, only allows for International Express shipping, which is the most expensive option (because it's also the fastest). CD Japan has different shipping options, so if you want to save some money, choose the slowest option.

Why did you buy this? Because I like artbooks, am a hopeless geek, and I love Fire Emblem. That a good enough reason for you?

What would you rate this? A five out of five. :D

Would you recommend this? I would recommend it to any Fire Emblem fan who has the money to go out and buy it, yes. And if you were a hardcore Fire Emblem fan. Casual players of the series might not care as much.

Was this write-up requested by anyone, or did you just decide to do it? I was planning on doing this anyway so people would buy it so people could get a sample of what's in the artbook, but certain people on my flist wanted to hear my thoughts on it and suggested I do a write-up, so I did.

If you have any other questions or comments or what have you, just leave a comment here~


Also if you have questions about ordering a copy of your own, you can leave a comment here as well, or just PM me.

next on the agenda: Akaneia Chronicle.

[Fire Emblem] Fire Emblem 20th Anniversary Artbook write up [Part the first]

The front cover.

So, if you've been keeping track of my LJ (or my Plurk), you'll know that I managed to procure a copy of the 20th anniversary artbook for Fire Emblem from Amazon Japan. Why did I buy it? Because I felt like it, my geekery knows no boundaries, etc. etc.

Before you ask, because it's hard to tell from the above picture (but easy to see in subsequent shots), it's a paperback. Just in case you were wondering. And of course it's entirely in Japanese. As I also mentioned on my LJ, if you want to see something translated, like a character's profile, just let me know and I will try my hardest to translate it for you. If it's Archanea, chances are I am already planning on translating it anyway.

(Also, just a small note: I apologise for the blurriness of the pictures. Dim lighting + glossy paper = camera lense not knowing what to focus on since the light reflects off the glossy paper. I will, at some point, actually use a scanner as opposed to a camera, but this will have to do for now.)

Rest under the cut. Forty-four pictures are under here as well.Collapse )

And that concludes part one!

[fire emblem meta] clothing choices and chess comparisons
So on Plurk, sarajayechan and I were talking about realism in Fire Emblem and we ended up on the topic of realistic clothing choices. A character's official art depicts what they wear normally, doesn't it? You can only assume (or hope) that the poor pegasus knights aren't running around in colder climates with those short skirts and shorter sleeves, but in something a little warmer. And you can also assume (or hope) that knights wear armour that is lighter if they're going through warmer climates.

This discussion came about because I asked Sara, "What would Marth wear if running through a desert?" and gave some suggestions (since he's a royal, that's probably a velvet-lined cape or something, so maybe something a little plainer that allows him to 'breathe' so to speak, or he does away with it all-together). Maybe it's my lack of knowledge on what would be worn in warmer climates during this time period (16th to 18th centuries, roughly).

(Oh dear, I just pictured Marth shirtless and with some chest armour on. Do want. I mean.)

Another thing would be dancers' clothes. Lalam's, for example, is perfect for dancing...if it's warm out. She'll need something that covers more if they go to Ilia. And Ninian's a dancer, right? Well why does she wear such long outfits? My explanation for Ninian is that her dances use more arm movements and less footwork, so she doesn't need to move around as much, thus escaping a possibility of tripping. (Though as FE7 tells us, she sprained her ankle doing a dance, but you can do that just by taking a wrong step. I've had that happen before.) I don't know, I'm not really qualified to speak about dance (I'm not a dancer by any stretch of the imagination.)

So I just wanted to hear your thoughts on this, and realism in Fire Emblem in general.


Life is like a game of chess--you are the king. They capture the king, the game ends, and you lose.

I am rather thorough in my geekery, and what better way to formulate battle formations for Fire Emblem than using chess pieces and a chess board? After all, Fire Emblem plays rather similar to chess, down to the grid you move your units across. Your lord is the king--your lord's death is your checkmate, and the game is over. So it's no surprise (to me, anyway) that, in me getting better at chess, I got better at playing Fire Emblem. Chess teaches you how to strategise and think on your feet.

Which is why, historically, knights were taught how to play chess, and play it well.

I don't know, maybe I just need a better hobby than pretending my chess pieces are Marth and his army and figuring out where my archers should go and how everything would pan out. Who puts that much dedication into fanfiction, anyway?

Oh, yeah, right. I do.

Have you guys ever compared FE to chess? Or made a connection of sorts with it? I'm just curious.

[notes and meta] "Leave Me Breathless" and Archanea meta
"Leave Me Breathless", for </a></a>penandpaper71's "magic" prompt for my One Word Prompt Meme thing.

oh btw it has fluffy Marth/Merric in it so I hope that's okay.

This is also version five of the fic. I wrote this during work lol.

why no that is also not a corrs song reference in the title

no sir

Marth and Merric are like, twelve and thirteen in this, also. Just so you guys know. Well. Twelve and thirteen in the beginning; Marth is almost fourteen in the ending, and Merric just turned fifteen. (I always pictured Merric like a year older than Marth for some reason.)

also yes this is based entirely on headcanon. If you've ever played FE6, you might recognise where I got the inspiration from. If not, it was Lilina and Cecilia's supports, where they speak of how Roy wanted to study magic, but had no talent for it. Lilina, meanwhile, did.

It always bothered me that Anri's other brother never had a name mentioned. Probably because he went on to form Gra, so he's a douche or something. So I gave him a name, because I'm certain he had one--IS was probably lazy. In my headcanon, his name is Maciel. Why? Because I like the name. I think it means 'slender' and it's...French? Something like that. Anyway. I also always assumed Anri was the oldest. I don't know if IS ever specified, but yeah. Anri would be the oldest, and I liked to imagine that Marcellus and Nameless Brother were either close in age or twins.

These are things I think about when I have nothing to do at work. Or while I'm doing mindless things, like putting returned merchandise in their proper department bins so they can be restocked.


And during the course of planning MSWLM, I was looking at names for Marth's future children, and said his heir would be named Marciel. Which would be a smushing of Marcellus and Maciel. Shush, I thought it was clever. The girl (if there is one) would be Marcella. I really like that name. I don't know why.

And then to totally confuse everyone they would be, respectively, Marci and Marc. Muwahahaha.

okay anyway.

Oh and my headcanon also, for whatever reason, dicates that Merric has a sibling. I have no idea why. I also fancied that his brother (who would be older) was an axe-user. So Merric being able to use magic would be weird, and knowing how to do magic in Altea is considered odd anyway. So. Yeah. His brother doesn't even have a name, because I've never mentioned him by one. Yeah, fail.

[contest thing] guess right and you win fabulous prizes
Or something. I'm bad with subject titles, which is why I don't really use a subject.


Background: Jayden is going to kill off a major character in "My Sins Won't Leave Me". Could be male or female, any class, any nationality. She wants you to guess who. There's no list of who is dead and who isn't, except people listed under 'Exceptions' below.
Exceptions: Caeda, MyUnit, and anyone involved in the assassination plot; Caeda is already dead, and I've announced MyUnit's death since uhhhh I wrote the first chapter.
Includes: Everyone else.
Contest: First three people to guess who said major character is gets a fic written for them.

'Major character', btw, is anyone who has a name.


Also, if you are on my friends list on Plurk, you can't enter the LJ one, because that's just not fair. Go enter the Plurk one instead if you want to enter it.

(Can you tell I'm really bored? XD)

Comments screened so it won't be revealed~ >8D


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